Wildlife Art Pottery

This phrase seems to best describe our original ceramics. I’m Jan Wax and he’s Chris Bing, a potter and a sculptor from Northern California, and we make ceramic art inspired by nature and wildlife.

We’re fascinated by the creatures that live on our land; tree frogs, pacific giant salamanders, toads, newts, dragonflies, cicadas, etc, and also by exotic animals from other regions, such as panther chameleons, Jackson’s chameleons, Madagascar geckos, tarantulas, koi, octopi, etc…

Chris sculpts the animals; I make the vessels on a potter’s wheel… and we collaborate on vases, lidded containers and other forms. In the Nature series, we join the sculptures to the pots when the clay is still damp.

We use stoneware and porcelain clay and the work is fired in a propane gas kiln to temperatures over 2300 degrees fahrenheit. This makes the pieces durable and functional.

I also make dinnerware and vases without sculptures, suitable for ikebana and other styles of flower arranging. Chris creates his sculptures individually, sometimes using field guides and other photographic sources. Each piece is original. We do not slipcast or use molds of any kind. 

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